Transfer Factors & Immunity

By Greg B. Wilson, Ph.D. and James B. Daily, Jr., Ph.D.

     * not a vitamin

      * not a mineral

    * not an herb

              Transfer factor is: 

** MOLECULE** from the colostrum that recognizes good and bad cells in the body and kills the bad ones...


Transfer Factor Plus


TRANSFER FACTOR (Improves Immune System)

"Transfer factor is a highly concentrated immune messaging system, designed by nature to transfer critical immune programming from one individual to another." William J. Hennen, Ph.D. Biochemist

Independent Study Results 

4Life Transfer Factor™ &

Transfer Factor Plus™

"Unprecedented" Immune Boosting Ability


Recently we reported the initial results of a groundbreaking independent study using 4Life Transfer Factor™ and Transfer Factor Plus™. Both yielded unprecedented results in a study done by the Institute of Longevity Medicine in California, a laboratory recognized for its research and expertise in measuring the ability of ingredients to significantly boost the immune system.


4Life Transfer Factor™ and Transfer Factor Plus™  were tested for their ability to increase Natural Killer Cell (NK) activity by killing live cancer cells. The research used peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) isolated from human volunteers. Test results showed that 4Life Transfer Factor™ increased the NK cell activity 103% above immune response without supplementation, more than two times higher than the next highest product. The study also

showed that Transfer Factor Plus™ increase the

NK cell Activity 248% above normal immune response without supplementation, or about five times higher than any of the other previously tested products. 


Natural Killer Cells are an important part of our body's defense against infection and sickness. They seek and destroy infected or malignant cells and cells infected by viruses (colds/flu's). 


David Lisonbee, President of 4Life Research™, in response to this research said, "These recent findings support and substantiate the reports form thousands of distributors who use Transfer Factor™ and Transfer Factor Plus™. The study also supports many other clinical experiences and studies we are familiar with. We are very pleased with the study results—they come as no surprise to us"



Institute of Longevity Medicine


PRELIMINARY REPORT (additional test results to follow) 

Transfer factor testing


Background and rationale: 1) Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the US. The rate of nearly every type of cancer is on the rise. Despite billions of dollars in research, the mortality rate has remained nearly unchanged since the 1960's using conventional treatments such as radiation, surgery and chemotherapy. Thus, there is considerable interest in using immune modulation as an adjuvant for cancer therapy. Natural killer cells are particularly important in destroying cancer cells. 


Purpose of study: 1) To determine the in vitro anti-cancer effects of Transfer Factor and Transfer Factor Plus using PBMC isolated from human volunteers and assaying the increased ability of the NK cell population to kill K562 erythroleukemic cells. 


Methods: 1) PBMC killing of K 562 (erythroleukemic) cells


   Results 1) Transfer Factor increased NK-cell killing by 100% 

and Transfer Factor Plus by 250%


Conclusions: Transfer Factor and Transfer Factor Plus induced immune based lysis of K562 cells at a level unprecedented in the director's experience or in the known medical literature. Since NK cell function is so crucial in killing cancer cells, these products are ideal candidates for cancer adjuvant therapy. In addition, NK cells form a first line of defense against infections from viruses and certain other microorganisms. Killing assays against K562 cells have also been correlated with increased with increased activity against chronic and acute infections as well. 


        Darryl See MD  

        Director, Bioassay Laboratory

        Institute of Longevity Medicine

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Transfer Factoris a vital immune factor brought to us directly from Mother Nature. Every mother that breast feeds her infant passes on her immunity-all of the information her immune system has gained in her lifetime. This process begins with the first milk, called colostrum. The most valuable of the "immunity weapons" in colostrum are called transfer factors.

Through a special patented process licensed to 4Life Research™, concentrated transfer factors can now be EXTRACTED from cow colostrum. Our proprietary Transfer Factor™ product helps our bodies build up immunity to all the outside threats which the cow has been exposed to in its lifetime.


(Transfer Factor Plus™) is the next generation in immune system science. It combines the benefits of Transfer Factor XF with:
ThyRex(a thymus complex, containing Liposterolics, Thymic T-factor proteins, and other proteinaceouscompounds)
Cordyvanta Polysaccharide Complex that activates the whole immune system at once, giving you superior protection.
IP6    Innositol hexaphosphate.
Cordyceps sinensis (a whole herb)  (contains 7% cordyceptic acids) 
B- Glucan   (from  bakers yeast)
                         (Saaacharomyces cerevisiae) (whole plant)
B-Glucan  (from oat) (avena sativa)
Mannans  (from aloevera) (leaf)
Maitake Mushroom  (Grifola frondsa) (whole plant) (with consentrated D-fraction)
Shiitake Mushroom  (Lentinus edodes) (whole plant) (5: 1 extract)
Other Ingredients: (Clove) (Euginia caryophyllata) (aerial parts)

Transfer Factor Plus™   is scientifically advanced immune system support.** It is a combination of ingredients that will give your immune system the tools to respond quickly and the knowledge to broaden its protective shield.**

****Our bodies are constantly in battle to balance themselves on a cellular level. The cellular war is between Good Cells (normal body cells) and Bad Cells (pathogens that invade our bodies). Bad cells attack and destroy healthy Good Cells in the body. The immune system is the body’s War Machine to protect it from Bad Cells****

Transfer factors are the intelligence and knowledge—the secrets to break the codes to destroy enemy cells. They communicate these secret codes and teach the Good Cells WHICH cells are Bad, and HOW to attack them by revealing their weaknesses.
Transfer factors are proven effective immune modulators, but the immune system must have sufficient Immune Cells (T-Cells, NK Cells, Macrophages, etc.) to carry out the instructions from the transfer factors.

New research has given us more information on other important components of the immune system. In recent years, scientists have begun to realize the importance of the thymus (located beneath the breastbone) and its job in programming immune system cells. Unfortunately, as we age, the thymus decreases in its ability to function properly. The thymus produces a complex array of thymic factors which together educate immature lymphocytes (white blood cells) into mature T-cells.

ThyRex™ contains important proprietary thymic factors which support T-cells. Thymic proteins program the T-4 helper cells in the immune system, which in turn tell T-8 killer cells which cells to search and destroy.

Another important component of our immunity is the innate immune system. It is our first line of defense in the war against outside threats. This instinctive response requires no prior exposure to an infectious agent. The first and instinctive response is essential to the adaptive immune system because it dictates the response that will be needed for the future. Cordyvant contains glyconutrients like IP-6, maitake and shiitake mushrooms, and aloe vera to support your innate immune system.
A healthy immune system is important for achieving and maintaining optimum health, strength, energy, stamina, and quality of life. 








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