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& lacking enzymes




Notice that the red blood cells above are full of life and not clustered together. There is 70% more surface area for oxygen. When red blood cells are clustered together they can not travel through the smaller veins. 


80% of the body has small veins and red blood cells have to fold to travel through these small veins. 


This clustered state is caused by a lack of enzymes (cooked food) or even deficient magnetic properties within the body.

Clustered red blood cells cannot travel through the smaller vein which produces the second environments (low oxygen) cancer needs to survive within. 



  Red blood cells are pancake in shape and have to fold in order to travel through the millions of smaller veins. Delivering oxygen. Oxygen that cancer does not like. When you eat cooked food the red blood cells cluster and the oxygen saving elements are not delivered to many areas within the body. Over time this causes havoc and can cause any one of 150 diseases. When these areas do not get the oxygen then this is the environment cancer needs to startup and flourish. 

Use a little common sense here. Take your car and cut the oxygen supply off by 80%. Spark plugs load and fuel doesn't get burned properly. The engine starts destroying itself because of these problems.  


Red Blood cells are 7 microns in diameter 


click Acid Properties 

      Cancer and disease needs basically an acid (stored acid) - low oxygen environment (lack of enzymes)

within the body to survive. Question: Can you change these cancerous conditions within your body. YES

       Otto Warburg won 2 Nobel Prizes showing that every time he lowed the oxygen level within a healthy cell, it became cancerous. And every time he raised the oxygen level within the cancerous cell, it mutated back into a healthy cell. 

        Note that as the body becomes deficient in calcium (alkaline element), and enzymes the body is then forced to store acid properties within its self. This excess acid property being stored moves the cellular pH toward acid. The alkaline properties of calcium are needed to neutralize these acid properties in order to transport these acid elements though the blood and remove this acid property from the body. 



Part 1

Dr. Otto Warburg (Nobel Prizewinner-twice) stated that if enzymes were put back into food after it was processed, that cancer would not hardly exist in our society today.  





Enzymes enable you body to break down the vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats hormones and other substances you ingest into the basic building blocks that it needs to function, grow and rejuvenate itself. Without them, the food you eat cannot be converted into the "fuel" that your body needs to run. 

If you picture your body as an engine, enzymes are the "spark plugs" that create combustion. Another way to think of them is like a construction crew that uses various raw materials to erect a building. In your body, your enzyme "work crew" builds and repairs tissue and even cleans up residue and toxins to help keep you in good health. 



All enzymes can be divided into three groups: 

(1) metabolic enzymes, which run you body, (2) digestive enzymes, which digest the foods you eat and (3) food enzymes, which are contain naturally in raw foods and "jumpstart" food digestion. The more food enzymes you ingest, the less your body has to "borrow" from its natural metabolic and digestive enzymes to digest food. 


Largely because of our modern diets, which are deficient in enzymes, most of us deplete our body's natural enzyme level as we age. Tests have shown that a 70-year-old person has only about half the enzyme level of a 20-year-old. A newborn baby has 100 times the enzymes levels of an elderly person! As we become enzyme-deficient, we age faster. Lack of enzymes also puts stress on vital organs like the pancreas, liver and spleen, causing a metabolic deficit. 


Lack of enzymes is also directly related to the signs of aging. Gray hair, for example, is caused by a lack of the enzyme tyrosinase. The lack of other enzymes can lead to far more serious problems. For example, Plasmin is crucial to the breakdown of blood clots. Its presence is often reduced with age, leading to a wide variety of circulatory disorders. these are just two of countless examples. If you suffer from any of the following health problems, enzyme deficiency could be a leading contributor. 


* Lack of energy

* Aches & pains 

* Viral infections

* Premature aging

* Chronic fatigue 

* Serious arthritis 

* High blood pressure 

* Lowered immunity 

* Swelling of the joints 

* Overweight

* Respiratory problems 

* Poor digestion

* Loss of memory 

* Rheumatism



Fortunately, medical research has shown that taking enzyme supplements is an effective alternative for fighting off illness, inhibiting the development of life-threatening conditions and even slowing the effects of aging. And, the new Maximizer from RGarden is simply the most potent enzyme supplement available! Containing more than 20 different kinds of digestive enzymes, the Maximizer incorporates the latest developments in enzyme research  and technology all in a single, easy-to-take capsule. 


900 cats prove necessity of enzymes for good health

Dr. Francis Pottenger conducted a now-famous 10-year study involving 900 cats. One set was fed raw milk and uncooked meat. Cats that ate the raw food were healthy, disease free and produced healthy kittens for three generations. The cats that ate the cooked food began to suffer from allergies, infections and other health problems. The second generation developed even more serious diseases, while the third was not even able to produce offspring! p8


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