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Super Phos 30

Liver Flush Instructions 

In response to many request for complete and readable instructions on using Super Phos 30 as a Liver Flush, the following instructions are available for your review: 

Flush Instructions; 


* 3 quarts Apple Juice (must be natural) 

* 1 cup Olive Oil (cold pressed) 

* 1 cup (not can) Classic Coke (best if at room temperature) 

* 1 organic lemon (if possible) 

* Super Phos 30™

Special Note: For better results, take a colon cleanser like Ancient Indian Herbal Tea™ or Tea Capsules for one of two weeks before you begin this procedure. Mullzyme ™ also works well to remove excess mucus from colon and intestines. 

  1. Mix 90 drops of Super Phos 30™ in a quart of Apple Juice. Drink one quart of Super Phos 30™ / Apple Juice mixture each day for three days. NOTE: May be drank at intervals throughout the day. Eat normally. This is NOT a fast. For diabetics or individuals who cannot tolerate that much fruit juice, use distilled water instead of apple juice. If you use water instead of apple juice, increase the amount of Super Phos 30™ used to 40 drops in water, three times a day, for a total of 120 drops per day for three days. 
  2. Wait for at least three hours after eating dinner on the third night
  3. Thoroughly mix the following flush mixture. 
                   - juice from one lemon
                   - 1 cup Coke Classic (for favoring-optional) 
                   - 1 cup Olive Oil 
    Quickly drink mixture! Do NOT wait or the oil will settle to the bottom. You will feel very full. If you have an oily feeling on lips and or teeth, use lemon rind on them to relieve the oily feeling. 
  4. Immediately after drinking flush mixture, lie down on your right side for 30 minutes. NO CHEATING. Set a timer to help you stay in this position for allotted time. You may draw your knees up to your chest (fetal position) or stretch out full length. 
  5. When 30 minutes have passed, move around a bit and resume normal activity. It can take up to 8 hours for the flush to work. 
  6. If you wish to save or examine any of the stones, be sure to have utensils needed (see Collection Instructions) ready and by the toilet. 
  7. An important final step is to take an herbal laxative that evening to clean out any remaining stones. 

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