Michael Landon

You can see his eyes show 

how weak he is becoming.

Think this picture might of 

been a few months before 

he went on Johnny Carson 



photo of Michael Landon

 Such a beautiful person. 

Notice the clarity of the eyes in the picture on 

the Johnny Carson Show. What ever he was using 

he was getting better. 



Michael Landon


Called Norman Fritz at the Gerson Therapy Institute in Bonita, California regarding some questions concerning electrolyte losses and replacements due to enemas. Think it was a couple of months after Michael Landon death. 


While on the telephone with Mr. Fritzís, I asked him why Michael Landonís had died.  I had mention that I'd  seen him on the Johnny Carson Show and you could see that his strength had improved drastically and it was obvious he was on his way to recovery. Even mentioned to Mr. Fritz's that my dad asked if he should contact Michael for me. But I told my dad that there was no reason because he was using the Gerson Therapy and is in good hands because it was obvious he was going to make it. A few years down the road I learned that he hadn't been going through the Gerson Therapy but was some type of it at home. It appeared to be working.


Norman Fritzís went on to tell me that Michael Landon called to apologize for the mistake he had made. That it would hurt the reputation of the Gerson Therapy and it would cost many lives.  That he knew that he was going to die because he did something that couldnít be reversed.  His doctor had told him they have the cure for cancer.  But they don't tell society because the treatment is too expensive. Michael told Norm that he received 3 heavy treatments of chemotherapy (mustard gas) and that he knew it was killing him and that he was going to die from it. That he had made the mistake of believing this doctor. And that he was sorry for mentioning - on national television - that he was using the  Gerson Therapy to battle his cancer. Because the public would believe it was the natural treatments of the Gerson Therapy that he died using in his battle with cancer. They would never know that Michael felt his life ended end because of the 3 heavy doses of chemotherapy (mustard gas) he let them give him. 


The Gerson Institute basically raises a person's pH by uses alkalizing juices that detoxify the cells while supporting the liver by detoxifying the deadly acid being removed during the cleaning cycle using by use of coffee enemas.  


It is totally amazing how evil works to profit and break up families.