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This is the report you would want your mother to read if she had cancer and your doctor to read if you had cancer...  

      By James LeBeau
with Robert J. Peshek D.D.S.

"THE CANCER REPORT is the best single source book that I own" Paul B. Pleasant Hope, Missouri, 1-13-03...on file

"The best work you have ever done" from Robert J. Peshek D.D.S., ex-president of The International Academy of Applied Nutrition, now retired.

"Bless you for your labor of love. It's surely a masterpiece, one that will be tremendously helpful to me and many others". Eileen C., Placerville, CA


In the 2003 3 edition of THE CANCER REPORT learn the answers to the following questions and much more...

Q - which bio-molecule on earth has been shown to have the most power to prevent cells from mutating? ANSWER...see page 10.

Q - how do scientists cause cells to become cancerous in lab experiments and what does it mean to your health? ANSWER...see page 5.

Q - if scientists can turn cancer on and off in lab experiments, is there evidence that this can also work in a human body? ANSWER...see PART I of THE CANCER REPORT

Q - what might affect the degree of malignancy of cancer and how fast it spreads? ANSWER... page 5.

Q - how did Otto Warburg reportedly produce cancer in 42 species of animals and what does that mean with respect to diet and your body? 6.

Q - What seven steps can you take to help prevent your body's cells from becoming cancerous? ANSWER...see PART II of THE CANCER REPORT.

Q - What eight SELF-TESTS can you do at home to get a picture of your overall health status and stresses that set up a predisposition to cancer from the physical point of view? ANSWER...see page 15.

Q - What are three well known anti-cancer diets and dozens of food and diet connections to the prevention and nutritional approach to cancer and how do they relate to the basic cause of cancer discovered by Otto Warburg? ANSWER...see PARTS I, II, and III of THE CANCER REPORT.

Q - What are SEVEN MAJOR NATURAL CANCER THERAPIES with sources listed including names of companies, websites, addresses, phone numbers etc? ANSWER...see PART III of THE CANCER REPORT.

Q - What are 12 significant additional miscellaneous alternative cancer therapies with source connections? ANSWER...see PART III...

Read THE CANCER REPORT for many more answers to many more questions.

FREE...THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF CANCER...What causes the predisposition to cancer from a spiritual or psychological point of view? Dr. Frederick B. Levenson treated so-called "terminally ill" cancer patients for nine years and claims that he never lost one patient to cancer in all that time. Research has show that people who repress or suppress their feelings are more likely to get cancer.  In a report titled  THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF CANCER you can learn what causes a predisposition to cancer form a spiritual point of view and a specific technique to heal the deeply rooted problem. If you want a copy of this exciting report be sure to mention it when you order THE CANCER REPORT.

Copies of both THE CANCER REPORT and THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF CANCER are included in the Basic and Master Body Balancing Kits available from The Perfect Health Foundation. To learn more go to...


A few comments received from kit customers over the years...

"I can hardly wait to see my doctor in June. It's wonderful to feel more control over my health with the information you provide". Joyce Heiser, Wisconsin  

 "As I told you on the phone, understanding pH as explained in your books has been the single greatest factor in re-establishing my health. Thank you so much for all you have done to help me and my family and countless others". Cary Lofquist, Wisconsin          

"Nobody has taught me as much as you have. Imagine, from a little place called Thiensville, Wisconsin". Love, Beth Borray, California

ORDER OPTION: to get a copy of THE CANCER REPORT and  "THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF CANCER"  send a donation of $10.00 or more to The Perfect Health Foundation P.O. Box 395S Thiensville, WI 53092. Your donation helps to cover printing and mailing costs etc.   With the two reports we will  include an introductory packet to the Body Balancing Kits and a copy of the new booklet titled The Power To HEAL THYSELF!!  TEST...don't guess!  

OUR GUARANTEE: Read THE CANCER REPORT and THE SPIRITUAL SIDE OF CANCER.  If you are not happy with what you learn and the benefits they offer to you and your loved ones don't bother returning the reports. Just write and tell us that you are not happy and we will refund your $10.00. KEEP BOTH REPORTS...and pass them on to people you care about. The Perfect Health Foundation is a non-profit Christian health foundation founded in 1990 that has helped thousands around the world learn how to have better control of their health and to experience more of the richness and wholeness of life using things  made by God.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Cancer Report is published and distributed by The Perfect Health Foundation for informational, educational, and inspirational purposes only. Nutritional products referenced in this report are intended for nutritional support purposes only and not to treat, mitigate, cure, or prevent disease. Persons in need of medical care should see a doctor. Persons under medical care should consult with  doctors who are knowledgeable in foundational and causative aspects of healing before following any programs or options presented in The Cancer Report or on this website.  The Perfect Health Foundation P.O. Box 395S Thiensville, WI 53092 Phone 262-377-2764

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